BJJ Moses: Towards Jiu-Jitsu Longevity

Article by Santiago “Santi” Zepeda

Photo by Marina

Increasing your cardio, strength and stamina for jiu-jitsu competitions is dependent on many factors, such as age, metabolism and whether your body is naturally “athletic”. Some may have to work more than others, which makes having a conditioning plan much more important. This is especially true for those wanting to continue growing in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu.


BJJ Moses gave us some helpful tips on how he prepares for competition jiu-jitsu. For being 51 years old, He competes with great agility and passion as any jiu-jitsu competitor. BJJ Moses emphasizes the importance of longevity and playing “smart”. This means having a game plan and incorporating a cycle that provides time for the body to recover during non-competition periods. BJJ Moses begins his conditioning 4 weeks prior to a tournament. One important component in his 4 weeks of competition training is in the intensification of stamina building. By this, he means by “diving” into his cardio! It is by swimming frequently that enables BJJ Moses to perform at maximum level.

Swimming has many benefits that one should consider exploring. The reduction of impact to joints is an obvious benefit and most have agreed that as one continues to compete, this is a consideration worth experimenting with. Not only has swimming been referred to as a treatment option for minor injuries and symptoms of arthritis, but it has also been noted as a soothing exercise. There is something Zen-like about being in water, immersed entirely and connected to the most fundamental compound of life, allows your body and mind to rest in the fact that the only thing that matters is the next breath of air. Oss!

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