2016 All Americas Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

The 2016 All Americas Jiu-Jitsu Tournament, hosted by NABJJF at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California, had phenomenal success this past weekend with over 1400 competitors.

NABJJF staff opened the venue doors at 8:00 a.m. to welcome competitors, families, and teams the morning of Saturday, January 23rd.  Many spectators, with coffee in hand, were ready to support their respective little champions who kicked-off the NoGi division at 9:00 a.m. The coaching and cheering sounds set the tone for a successful day!

TOP 3 KIDS NOGI TEAMS: View photo gallery here.IMG_4254

1st Place with 118 points Aloisio Silva BJJ

2nd Place with 100 Points Gracie Barra

3rd Place with 92 points C-Quence JiuJitsu

The afternoon consisted of nothing short of great technique, showcased by adult matches in the Gi division.  Click on the videos below for a glimpse of the black belt fights:

TOP 3 ADULTS GI TEAMS: View photo gallery here.IMG_4446

1st Place with 172 points Checkmat

2nd Place with 162 points Aloisio Silva BJJ

3rd Place with 100 points Paragon BJJ


Whether or not you walked away with a victory, there is a lesson to be learned from every match. The determination was apparent on Sunday in the kids Gi division and boy, did they put on a show for their biggest fans! The male and female competitors age range is 4 to 15 years young.



1st Place with 176 points Gracie Barra

2nd Place with 128 points C-Quence Jiu-Jitsu

3rd Place with 112 points Aloisio Silva BJJ

Rounding up the weekend was the adult NoGi division. The feeling on the mat was relaxed and playful,  while simultaneously having an abundance of respect for the fights and each other.  Now, that’s an honorable way to pursue and represent the 2016 All Americas Champion title.


1st place with 178 points Aloisio Silva BJJ

2nd Place with 100 point Checkmat

3rd place Gracie Barra

For full tournament results or information on future NABJJF tournaments, click here.

It is a great experience for all competitors to better their art. For those that reached their top goal by placing first place, CONGRATULATIONS! For those that fell short, in Jiu-jitsu you never loose, you learn. Watch your fight videos and talk with your professor about correcting mistakes and fine-tuning technique. Jiu-Jitsu is a life-long journey!

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