Jean Paul Le-Bosnoyani

Jean Paul Le-Bosnoyan

Jean has been training since the age of 3. Jean Paul Le-Bosnoyani ended 2016 with spectacular performances, which awarded him world champion at the SJJIF 2016 Worlds Tournament and obtaining a submission win against Anthony Aguilera at the Five Grappling Pro Invitational. Jiu-Jitsu Press had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his last 2016 jiujitsu competition.

Can you talk about your built up leading to your submission? As you moved towards execution, what thoughts were coming to mind?

I’ve been training since I was three years old at my father’s gym, and the first submission I learned was an arm bar. That’s all I do. At every training I am determined to submit my sparring partner at least five times in five minutes. Over the years I’ve learned that you fight how you train, and that showed at the five grappling tournament. I knew stepping onto the mat that I would win by an armbar victory. I like to think of myself as relentless when it comes to finding the arm bar submission, I ended up getting the arm bar a total of six times before I submitted Anthony Aguilar, but he knew my game, we used to compete when we were orange belts so Anthony was ready for  all sorts for my series of attacks. Once I got my submission all I can remember is my Friend/Coach Rapha Diogo saying “take your time” and then telling myself “you’ve got it” and so I took a deep breath and did my usual technique to straighten the arm.

Your opponent, how did you feel his jiu-jitsu game?

My opponent Anthony Aguilar and I go way back, we fought a total of three times now, twice when we were orange belts and once at the five grappling super league. As we are both young competitors I have great respect for Anthony on and off the mat because, like me, he’s a part of the next generation of jujitsu. When it came to the fight, Anthony’s game felt very strong and it was hard to execute some of the big takedowns but I usually go for, I also credit Anthony for escaping many of my arm bar submissions that it is very hard for other people to do.  But when it comes down to the fight itself I didn’t see myself in any challenging situations, I may have put myself out of position but that was only because I was so determined to get one of Anthony’s arms. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would submit him I never thought to myself if I would get the arm it was just a matter of when. For me my only challenging moments are in training, I’m always ready for anything, I train more frequently and harder than anyone I know and with some of the toughest competitors in the jujitsu game, and that’s why I always put on exciting fights and come home with the win.

Any final thoughts?

 I’d like to thank my father and Coach for introducing me to the sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and supporting me through my mixed martial arts journey. I would also like to thank all of my friends and family who always have my back when or lose. I would also like to thank my sponsors The Jiujiteiro for keeping me looking fresh in the latest bjj gear. Most importantly I would like to thank my training partners and coaches at Carlson Gracie Southbay for always pushing me to become a better and better every time

For more info, you can follow Jean Paul Le-Bosnoyani on instagram@mufasamma

Article by: Santiago “Santi” Zepeda

Photograph by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

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