F2WPro24 BJJ Event: Jason Youseph vs Ryan Robinson

Jiu-Jitsu is a rigorous sport. You need to have great agility in your range of motion; a good understanding of technique and lastly, it requires a lot of energy and stamina, for endurance.  Following his match against Ryan Robinson at the F2WPro24 event, Jiu Jitsu Press had the opportunity to speak with Jason Youseph.

Congratulations on your win. What are your initial thoughts about the outcome of your match? Looking back, is there anything that stands out?

I feel great about my match I really wanted to submit and finish my opponent I was going for it however I’m still happy just to get the win. I never felt like I lost control even through both slams I felt comfortable and was never felt that I was in any danger.  His leg lock attempts were not tight enough for me to worry about. I knew with Ryan, because he is a high level black belt, that I had to push the pace and attack. I have a lot of respect for Ryan, as a competitor but especially as a friend.


What was your plan coming into this match?

My game plan was to come and push the pace from bell to bell! I expected a lot of  leg locks from him… he has amazing foot lock attacks, which is  exactly how I thought the fight was going to happen. I just knew that the more aggressive attacker would win. I anticipated for Ryan to come out with toe holds and I expected the big slams when i went for the triangles. But I envisioned myself finishing the fight but things happen and I’m just happy to be out there and perform well.


Once again, congratulations. What’s next in 2017?

I’m coming for everything this year! I compete often…. I feel I now have the confidence and experience to fight the best and I plan to shock the world this year.

Any special thanks you’d like to give?

I honestly want to thank my family for always believing in me. My mother, father and brother. My mom and dad are my two best friends and I wouldn’t be here today without their love and support. I want to thank all my students and teammates…the entire Carlson Gracie Team family for always having my back and supporting me and for helping me prepare for this event. I also like to thank Deus fight co, OC Fight Dr Willaim Kesslar Frooty Acai, Fuji Mats, leao Optics.

Article By: Santiago “Santi” Zepeda



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