Black Belt Danny Miranda Debriefs his SJJIF World Match with Renan Vital

Article by: Santiago “Santi” Zepeda (

Photography by : Marina (

At the 2015 SJJIF Worlds tournament, Black Belt Danny Miranda competed against Black Belt Renan Vital. While Renan Vital was successful in obtaining the win, Danny had a few words to share about his learning experience in the match.RenanVital_Worlds2015 (4)

“It was a little tough, wanting to come in playing the take down game with a really good jiu-jitsu and judo player. When I went in for the takedown, Renan countered it with a takedown of his own. Every time I tried to recover, Renan controlled every attempt. I attempted to transition into the half guard which was advantageous for him because he plays the top game. My plan coming into the match was to get a takedown and play the top game. Overall, it was a great match and enjoyed being a part of the Sports Jiu-Jitsu International Federation Worlds tournament”.

This was a very technical match as both competitors moved into advantageous positions for judo throws. With each competitor attempting to gain “top game” position, the first 30 seconds of the match was critical. Great sportsmanship from these two black belts! Oss…

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