SoberLife and Jiu-Jitsu

Article by: Santiago “Santi” Zepeda

Photo by : Marina Sandoval

For those who are not familiar with the serenity prayer, it is a mantra in which recovering individuals recite during times needing spiritual support. The serenity prayer guides those who have momentarily fallen into addiction, moving them upward from the ashes of temptation. A known excerpt reads as follows:

Grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can change, and wisdom to know the difference.

SoberLife-1-2 Worlds2015_AdultsGI-11

            Lance Glynn is a living example of embracing the #SoberLife. Lance has been sober from alcohol for over 6 years. “My 20’s was a complete blur”, Lance mentioned at the SJJIF 2015 Worlds tournament. “I was still doing Jiu-Jitsu but I was a full blown alcoholic.” It was through his beliefs, values, and jiu-jitsu, that Lance regained his rightful place in life, and moves forward advocating and supporting those seeking the #soberlife. “I try to help other guys out in my gym and made it part of my program at my jiu-jitsu academy”. Lance is also working on a “Sober Life Gi” collection that will help increase awareness and support for those seeking sobriety.

            Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brings much value to life. It creates connections among people that go far beyond what most will ever experience. What makes this form of martial art so meaningful is in the appreciation one receives from peers and professors. The “Mat” has a therapeutic value as it creates a space in time where nothing else matters but the relationship you have, the “roll” that temporarily preoccupies you into “letting go” what is “unnecessary”. Unnecessary worries, wants and thoughts and helps you build a stronger self-identity that is resilient and agile. Oss!

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