BJJ Kids Display Posivity at the SJJIF Worlds 2015 Tournament

Academies from all over the world were thriving with high-energy and team spirit; channeling the American and Brazilian National Anthem as kids stepped into a tournament arena. Hearts thumping and jitters flowing; leaving it all behind the moment they touched that mat.

The little ones were fun to watch as they giggled and laughed while their parents took deep breaths from the stands. Some walked with a swag, others carried their nerves on their facial expressions, many kept quiet, stayed busy warming-up, or bobbed heads to their favorite beats. And yet to most, THIS is their “baseball, football, soccer” – it’s their life. Rain or shine the fight goes on!

What was evident and beautiful is when we as parents and coaches check our egos at the door. Presenting our best version in a competitive platform. Keep encouraging positive and healthy sportsmanship; help them stand tall. Proudly wear the team and sponsor’s jiu-jitsu rash guards and Gi’s and chant for one another!

Win or lose, support your children in making a come back because there is always room for growth. OSS!

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Worlds2015-56 Worlds2015-45

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Worlds2015-18 Worlds2015-21


Worlds2015-42 Worlds2015-41

Worlds2015-33 Worlds2015-36

Worlds2015-69 Worlds2015-70


Worlds2015-40 Worlds2015-25

Press play for Worlds 2015 Tournament highlights. Don’t miss the flying arm-bar!

Event: SJJIF 2015 Worlds Tournament
Event Video Highlights by Roll on Film click here and here.
Images: Photography by Marina

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