SJJIF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Community Event with Professor Ali Saleh

The highest ranked American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under professor Leandro Vieira, as well as the first American Black Belt of the world famous Team Checkmat, Ali Saleh is a stellar professor, well-deserving of a spotlight.

He began practicing in 1997. In 2008 he opened the world-famous A-Team (American Team) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Martial Arts and the awards have been rolling in ever since. Best known for creating one of the top Kids Competition Teams, the twenty-year veteran has proudly created countless championship level students and his skills as an instructor are internationally sought after.

Recently, the Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation invited Professor Ali to demonstrate a few techniques at a community event that welcomed both kids and adults from different academies and featured a handful of other top black belt BJJ instructors from the community, including Leticia Ribeiro, Renan Vital, John Munoz & Johnny Munoz Jr., and Lucas Leite. Behind the belt, Professor Ali has a passion for teaching and enhancing the lives of others through Martial Arts, which resonated during his seminar.

His main focus was the knee on belly technique. The purpose of this fan-favorite is to control your opponent’s hip and shoulder, breaking down the opponent’s stamina. It’s a frustrating position to get caught in and a useful one to master!

Saleh’s demonstration was followed by heavy drilling. It was inspiring to see all the participants moving in sync and making small adjustments to ensure proper technique.

Professor Ali gave a heartfelt speech, thanking the SJJIF for bringing the community together and declaring his full support for the mission to make Jiu-Jitsu an Olympic sport. To wrap up his session, he motivated the crowd with the mantra, “Together We Can Reach Greatness”.

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