Episode 10: A talk with conditioning expert and Deuce Athletics co-owner Chris Pascual

Chris Pascual is a conditioning expert and Sports Performance Coach. He’s the co-owner of Deuce Athletics in Torrance, CA , an elite training branch of the world famous Deuce Gym in Venice Beach, CA.
In this episode, Chris breaks down fitness and nutrition for BJJ, talks the importance of recovery, the tripod that builds elite athletes, and why you should be training in a sport specific way to ensure your training helps fully optimize your game.
You can find Chris on Instagram and twitter at cpascual6 and on Facebook at Chris Pascual.
Deuce Athletics is located in Torrance, CA. For more information, please check out their website: DEUCE Athletics
Special thanks to NABJJF, for opening their doors to us and allowing us to set-up a podcast booth from their tournaments. You can find us podcasting live from their tournaments. For a list of upcoming tournaments please visit: http://www.nabjjf.com/
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