Celebrity Chef and Blue Belt, Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain, the gifted chef, storyteller, writer and Jiu-jitsu practitioner, has died at the age of 61.

A blue belt out of the Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan, he received the rank from his coach Igor Gracie. He reportedly trained seven days a week when not traveling.

Bourdain was introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu back in 2014. He said his daily jiu-jitsu training, combined with giving up carbs and sugar, led to him dropping 30 pounds in 9 months. He added “I’m not drinking anywhere near what I used to and I’m much moderate in my eating habits — because you really pay a price for misbehavior immediately on the mat, You feel it and you pay a price in physical pain and humiliation.”

Bourdain was in France working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning CNN series, “Parts Unknown.” His close friend Eric Ripert, the French chef, found Bourdain unresponsive in his hotel room Friday morning.

An ex-addict, Bourdain had really turned his life around and inspired a lot of people from around the world. When he picked up Jiu-Jitsu it really showed that Jiu-Jitsu is for anyone and at any age. He will be missed! 









































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