There are still a few big Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events on the 2018 calendar. One of the biggest and more prestigious is the 2018 SJJIF WORLD JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP that is now only 6 weeks away. While it will take place at the huge Long Beach Arena, with competitors from around the globe one of the biggest excitement of this year has to be the cash  prize  that has gone up to $67,000 USD. In the past SJJIF has hosted athletes such as Keenan Cornelius, Erberth Santos, Lucas Hulk Barbosa, Tayane Porfirio Ana Vieira and many more. We expect Keenan Cornelius to defend his double gold from 2017 and take home another huge amount of cash prize. What do you think?

Also expected at the 2018 SJJIF WORLDS are the great events of World Deaf Jiu-Jitsu Championship, World ParaJiu-Jitsu Championship and the World Special Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Being that the primary goal of SJJIF is to unify and organize Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, it is great to see SJJIF host events for athletes that otherwise would not have an avenue to compete. Last year the greatness of BJJ, the history, culture, philosophy and lineage of the sport was on full display. Athletes came together from around the globe in all ages and belts to compete as individuals representing their nation but to also represent their team. And lets face it…..without your team, who are you? While the event is schedules for October 26 through the 28th, we highly recommend that competitors don’t miss the September 19th deadline. You will save money and feel great about having that little extra dollar bills in your pocket for the açaí and gear………Visit www.sjjif.org

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