Respect In The Fight Game.

Tyron Woodley held the UFC Welterweight title for 2½-year’s but during this past weekend, Woodley (19-4-1) lost his 170-pound title to Kamaru Usman (15-1) via unanimous decision at UFC 235.

Usman nicknamed “The Nigerian Nightmare” has been on a devastating winning streak lately, taking out high profile fighters like Rafael Dos Anjos, Demian Maia and now Woodley. The Nigerian fighter is still undefeated in the UFC at 10-0.

Despite the defeat Tyron Woodley’s longtime head coach, Din Thomas, is very confident they can reclaim the UFC welterweight championship — provided they get the opportunity.

Din says “If he can get back to the title again, that would probably solidify him back in the talk of the greatest welterweight of all time. A couple bad performances can’t define his career. After that, he would have nothing left to prove. The only thing I think he can do now is make a run back to the belt.”

In defeat there is Victory…. Both Usman and Woodley seem to agree, as both have been showing each other a lot of love and respect on social media.

Usman and Woodley go on:

Usman adds, “I have been more than blessed to walk the path that I’ve walked. So many individuals have poured knowledge and wisdom onto myself throughout my whole athletics career. I hope this was validation that I didn’t take it all for granted. Special thanks to my family, friends, fans, and mainly my team.” 

Demain Maia, a former competitor even send his respect to Usman:

For being true professionals and being respectful in defeat and in victory, today we applaud Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman!

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